Innovasys designs, builds and programs fully integrated motor and drive systems for the dynamometer and test stand markets. Innovasys has dyne and drive experience in many disciplines of the testing industry, including, but not limited to:

  • Gas Engine Testing
  • Diesel Engine Testing
  • Engine Cold Testing
  • Transmission Testing
  • Transaxle Testing
  • Drive Line Testing
  • Brake Testing
  • Large Vehicle Power Train Testing
  • Military Testing
  • Motor Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Chassis Dyne Testing
  • Clutch Pack Testing

Each system is custom designed to suit our customer's specific needs and requirements. Our customers receive full support from our engineers who designed and know their system.

With ABB's active regenerative common DC bus technology, Innovasys builds dynamic drive systems. The drive control systems enable energy savings by feeding the braking energy of the motor back to the network, or by recirculating the energy across the Common DC Bus.  Innovasys has designed many test systems which recirculate, or regenerate electrical power, with only parasitic losses being wasted.

Innovasys has an unique regenerative control algorithm and filter, which provide extremely low current and voltage harmonics. In addition, there is a fundamental unity power factor allowing the drives to meet IEEE 92 requirements.