craneSince 1999, Innovasys has focused on achieving significant solutions for clients. Innovasys, which stands for "INNOVAtive SYStems,"  is an engineering and integration firm based in Sterling Heights, MI. Innovasys designs, builds, and programs fully integrated motor and drive systems for large industrial automation markets. We deliver products and services that are customizable and fully tailored to our clients' needs. Our company contains expert engineers who develop unique solutions to fit clients' specifications and exceed their expectations. As you get to know our staff, you will find that we are professional, experienced and love helping our clients. We pride ourselves on being a company that is very detailed, specific and place a high priority on customer support.

Innovasys is a company dedicated to providing innovative drive control for a highly dynamic automation and engineering market. At Innovasys, our objective is simple; Deliver a new perspective to address the challenges of today's integration and retrofitting drive-based control systems. We are also an authorized system integrator for ABB Drives and Power Products.
The services provided by Innovasys include building, testing and debugging products to suit our clients' needs. Innovasys has built some of the world's largest ship crane and telescope crane systems, and are also capable of building all solutions in house. We are in the automotive test industry, as well as iron, coal, crane, wood, metal, ash, military, government, and the oil industry. We have handled some of the largest projects and offer warranty and guarantees on everything produced. Our business tests all supplied systems and controls from beginning to end. In addition, we provide support post sale.

Innovasys also designs, builds and programs fully integrated motor and drive systems for the dynamometer and test stand markets.  Innovasys has dyne and drive experience in many disciplines of the testing industry including, but not limited to: Gas Engine Test, Diesel Engine Test, Engine Cold Test, Transmission Test, Transaxle Test, Drive Line Test, Brake Test, Large Vehicle Power Train Test, Military Test, Motor Test, Component Test, Chassis Dyne Test, Clutch Pack Test.  Each system is custom designed and built to your specific needs and requirements.

Our company has experience providing superior quality service and expertise that is unparalleled in the market. Innovasys has advanced power electronic knowledge and experience. Innovasys upgrades inefficient and obsolete control systems by applying a comprehensive system engineering approach; evaluating plant, line, and drive systems to gain exhaustive knowledge of a customer's critical needs. The result is state of the art controls, yielding increased productivity, flexibility and reliability. You can trust Innovasys to engineer a custom solution for you!