Innovasys designs, builds, and programs fully integrated motor and drive systems for the large industrial automation markets. We integrate large automation applications with our common DC Bus Multi Drive Systems. We have integrated 4,200A systems, implementing as many as 35 drives and over 14,000HP for large cranes in the oil industry. Innovasys has drive and motor experience for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, train car positioners, coal car dumpers, stackers, reclaimers, coal conveyors, barge haulers, and apron feeders.

Integrating ABB's active regenerative common DC bus technology, Innovasys builds dynamic drive systems. The drive control systems enable energy savings by feeding the braking energy of the motor back to the network, or by recirculating the energy across the Common DC Bus.  Innovasys has designed many test systems which recirculate, or regenerate electrical power, with only parasitic losses being wasted.